Terms & Conditions

The rental period
The rental period runs from 08:00 on the first day of the agreed rental period, and the rented equipment must be returned to Only Rental´s premises no later than 16:00 on the last day of the agreed rental period unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Lessee will be charged with a fee for late returned equipment or equipment not delivered back in a working condition according to the current list rental price, until delivered back, repaired, or substituted by new equipment.

If Only Rental must sub rent equipment due to late return, all expenses will be charged the lessee.

Cancelation of rentals shorter than 7 days can be done free of charge 72 hours, prior to the rental. Cancellation between 72 and 12 hours prior to the rental is charged with 50 % of rental amount. Longer rentals than 7 days will be charged with 50 % if cancelled later than 5 days prior to the rental period. In case of especially ordered/reserved equipment from third party, all expenses will be charged in full.

Return of the rented equipment before the end of the agreed rental period will not entitle the lessee to a reduction of the agreed fee.

The lessee is obligated to thoroughly examine and test the rented equipment when received and before the rented equipment is removed from Only Rental´s premises. Only Rental is not responsible for any defects or damage to the rented equipment, which has not been reported by the lessee to Only Rental at the time when the rented equipment has been removed from Only Rental´s premises.

The lessee has full responsibility for the rented equipment after leaving Only Rental´s premises and to return the equipment in the same condition as when it was received, in regards to, but not limited to, the mechanical as well as packing and cleaning state. Equipment not returned in the above-mentioned state will be cleaned packed and serviced at the lessee´s expense.

The lessee bears the risk of any damage to or loss of the equipment from the receipt of the equipment and until the equipment is returned to Only Rental. The risk also includes the risk of accidental damage or damage to the equipment by lessee or any third party including theft. If the equipment is damaged or lost, the lessee must immediately inform Only Rental. Damaged equipment must be returned to Only Rental for an assessment of whether the equipment shall be repaired or replaced. In case of theft, the lessee must complete and file a police report. Only Rental is not responsible for any losses or personal injury due to wrong use/handling of the equipment, incorrect installation and set-up of the equipment or defective equipment, including any errors in sensors.

Handling of damage to the equipment
In case of loss or damage to the equipment while in the lessee’s possession, Only Rental has the sole right to choose to repair or repurchase similar equipment. For equipment that is non repairable or lost, the substitution equipment will be charged at the daily list price for purchase of new equipment, a potential lower insurance value by lessee´s insurance policy or poorer conditions is in full lessee´s responsibility. Special vintage equipment that is non repairable due to non-obtainable spare parts will be charged at full price either for comparable equipment or the original price for the purchase of the item.

Usage and handling
The lessee is fully responsible for the proper use of the equipment. The equipment must only be handled by competent users who are trained in handling the equipment. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the equipment may only be used in Denmark.

It is the responsibility of the lessee that the equipment always is kept protected from weather, shock, and vibration. Under all transport it is to be kept in sufficient transport cases.

The equipment must at all times be operated in a safe normal operation manner, if in any doubt Only Rental shall always be contacted prior to extreme operation conditions.

The lessee is responsible for proper insurance of the equipment, this includes, but is not limited to, insurance for theft, damage, loss, accidents and third-part liability, while in the possession of the lessee.

The equipment must at all times be kept under surveillance or locked in a proper safe storage room locked and covered by alarm. In case of storage in vehicles these must at all times be properly locked and with alarm coverage in function. Storage in vehicles is only allowed in cargo area and not visible from the outside.

The equipment is not to be used for drone or aerial operation as well as underwater or stunt work without prior permission.

Terms of Payment
Standard payment terms are cash 8 after receipt of invoice. Rentals longer than 3 weeks will normally be charged in installments.

Only Rental can require a deposit equal to 50 % of the value of the equipment.

Only Rental´s prices shall be added VAT at the rate applicable at any time as well as any other taxes and duties which are or may be imposed on Only Rental.

Governing law and venue
The contract between Only Rental and lessee is governed by Danish Law. Any dispute that cannot be settled through negotiations shall be decided by Copenhagen City court.

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